My search for well built, affordable and "stealthy" highway foot pegs that fit well with my BMW R1200GS began when I started taking extended motorcycle trips. I've been riding since I was old enough to build my first minibike. In adulthood, my adventure bikes had me venturing on longer trips to new riding areas every year. Longer rides made my knees call for as many foot positions as possible. Most highway pegs I found were either cheap and poorly made, or I didn't like the styling of them. I wanted something that was simple, effective, and hidden out of the way when not in use.

I have a machine shop where we build other products I've designed, so I built the pegs I wanted for my personal bike. From inception to 3D models in Solidworks, to prototype parts from our CNC mills, the first set was created within a few weeks. With a test fitting to my R1200GS, it was apparent some minor additions/changes needed to be made, such as the angle adjustment screw.

After creating a set for myself, my son, and my brother, we used them for an entire season. I then asked a few other riding enthusiasts to try them and give me feedback. We were fortunate enough to have a Harley-Davidson Pan America rider try them out as well. After many miles of testing, the final design is the one that you can purchase today.

These highway pegs are for anyone who is looking for some solid, effective, and discrete highway pegs for their water cooled BMW R1200GS+A, R1250GS+A or Harley-Davidson Pan America. The Adventure Bike Pegs are easy to install and use. They are made to last with quality materials, and will also blend in "quietly" with the bike’s design. Hopefully you will find them as useful as I have.

Todd Austin – Mechanical Design Engineer
Creator of Adventure Bike Pegs
(also creator of the All American Sharpener)

BMW GS & Harley-Davidson Pan AmericaTodd in Upper Peninsula on Ferry