GS1 Highway Peg Set

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Our highway motorcycle pegs are made specifically for BMW Adventure bikes from 2013 and up, and the Harley-Davidson Pan America. They will fit the OEM crash bars for all water cooled R1200, R1250 GS+A models (1"/25.4MM collar option). They will also fit the Harley-Davidson Pan America front vertical crash bar, if you choose the .85"/21.6MM collar option. If you prefer to mount the pegs on the rear vertical crash bar of your Harley-Davidson Pan America, then you will want the larger, 1"/25.4MM collar.

Adjustment screws allow you to set the open angle of the pegs to your comfort. There is a need for ⅝” clearance to accommodate the collar thickness, which is ⅜”. The pegs are 5" long with precision tensioned spring washers to hold them in place when open or closed.